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I’m so glad you reposted this. For the past couple of weeks the idea of sitting & reflecting on the previous year has been present but I could not remember where the idea came from. It was you!

My husband and I discussed some questions the DePree Center at Fuller sent out for the end of 2023. Because this was a year of retirement from our full-time work for both and a year of caring for elderly parents advancing thru dementia, the ? were especially poignant for us:

1) What did I have to let go of this year?

2)What did God awaken in me this year?

3)What am I hoping for deep down inside?

Happy New Year John! Excited to see how God uses you in 2024.

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Reflection question: Who did I have the most meaningful interactions with? What made them so significant?

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John, this was on my “to-read” list. Thank you for reposting.

The most helpful question? A friend asked me what I did to take care of myself this year, and my long pause answered for me.

Looking forward to having a ready response next go around.

Happy New Year, all.

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This is so good! I've (unintentionally) been doing this during this month. Just letting January flow instead rushing into the next. Giving myself breathing room to pause and reflect.

2023 was a tumultuous year for me. I'm grateful for the lessons connected to loss, grief, joy, and beginnings. However, I know that I still need time to process the weight of all the experiences, feelings, and thoughts that happened last year.

Some Questions:

- What am I bringing into this year that still needs to be addressed?

- What am I choosing to let go of and make peace with from last year?

- How will I approach struggles, disappointments, and pain this year?

- Who will I invite to stay in my life this year? Why?

- How can I approach things from a human centered and loving perspective?

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Thank you for this!

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