That was one of the chapters that spoke to me from We Go On. It's true. Think of Mary's telling her family the words of the angel. The looks and whispers regarding her and Joseph there may have been in their community when he obeyed and took her for his wife. Noah building not a fishing boat, but an ark probably enduring mocking and sarcasm. Or three young Isrealite men facing the fiery furnace for refusing to worship or bow to the golden image. Was there a trace of wondering if He'd come through? God is kind to give these and other reminders, even other experiences we've had, of His faithfulness. He always does what's right and just.

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Thank you for writing this beautiful post.

My heart is greatly encouraged.

I needed the reminder that God is using the ingredients I see as garbage to make a beautiful meal.

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Good morning John

I just got back from a missionary trip to Africa, specifically Mozambique. Talk about pre-judgement. I was amazed at how content they are with so little. Their love for the Lord is absolutely overwhelming!!! This has definitely changed my pre-concieved notion about the human race living with so many obstacles, but yet still have such faith and love for our God. :)

Next up is Scotland, perhaps next June 2024, if God says so!

John keep the faith, stay in love with your girls, and have the BEST day that you can!!! HOLLA :) :) :)

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Excellent word, but you’re wrong for that redaction! Need a tier of subscription that includes recipes, doc. 😂

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